Sunday, 9 March 2008

Modern Shi‘ism and Identity conference, University of Glasgow, 25-27th April
Contributions: A. Ansari - Title (T.B.C.); S. Bahmanpour - Title (T.B.C.); M. van den Bos - British-Iranian sketches of European Shi‘ism; J. Cole - Millenarian Themes in Contemporary Iraqi Shi‘ism; E. Corboz - The ‘Sacred’ history of clerical families and its symbolic significance for the transnational mobilisation of the Iraqi Shi‘a; S.M. Ghari S. Fatemeh - Who is authorised to speak on behalf of the faith? Women and the position of Marja‘iyya; S. S. Haghighat - Iranian Identity in the West: A Discursive Approach; D. Hermann - Siyasat al-modon of ‘Abd al-Reza Khan; R. Gleave - Title (T.B.C.); M. Leichtman - The Africanisation of Ashura in Senegal; S. Mervin - “Authenticity”, show and politics: the Shi‘i theatre in Lebanon; Z. Barth-Manzoori - Nationalism and Shi‘ism in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Compatibility of two Concepts of Identities with respect to the Educational System; M. M. Mojahedi - Shi‘ism in post-Revolutionary Iran: between Identity Politics and Traditional Culture; A. Monsutti - Shi‘ism and Political Mobilisation in Afghanistan since 1978; A.R. Norton -Title (T.B.C.); A. Sachedina - Shi‘ism and Identity: The Defining Moment in Contemporary Politics; D. Shankland - Trans Nationalism, Text and Faith amongst the contemporary Alevis in Europe; Y. Stoyanov - Title (T.B.C.); D. Thurfjell - Emotion and self-Control: A framework for analysis of Shi‘ite mourning rituals; R. Vissar - The Sadrists Between Mahdism, Neo-Akhbarism and Usuli Orthodoxy: Examples from Southern Iraq.

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