Thursday, 15 October 2015

European Shiism, Shiite Sufism pubs.

Couple more publications of mine came out in the area of European Shiism (or rather Shiism in Europe, bracketing 'European Shiism'), with Iranian institutional imprints, often, in the centre.

Haven't come around to uploading any but aim to make full-text versions available in the not-too-distant future, probably on my institutional depository, BIRON, in the first instance.

van den Bos, M. 2015. ‘Western Seminary’: On Transnational Shiite Higher Education in Britain. Social Compass 62 (2): 238-54.

—— 2015. Review of Marcinkowski, C. 2010. Shi'ite Identities. Community and Culture in Changing Social Contexts. Religion, State and Society 43 (2): 186-91.

IE3 saw fit to publish a new entry of mine in the realm of Shiite Sufism in Iran, on the Ẕor-Reyāsateyn master ᶜAbdolḥoseyn Mūnesᶜalīshāh.

van den Bos, M. 2015. ᶜAbd al-Ḥusayn Mūnis ᶜAlī Shāh. In Encyclopaedia of Islam III (eds) K. Fleet, G. Krämer, D. Matringe, J. Nawas & E. Rowson. Leiden [etc.]: Brill, pp. 2-4.

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