Monday, 9 November 2009

Kadivar's perspective on the Islamic Republic and the Green Movement

Mowj-e azadi

متن کامل سخنرانی دکتر محسن کدیور در دانشگاه نورث وسترن شیکاگو

ضرورت‌های نخستین مرحله جنبش سبز 

"The focal point of decay in the Islamic Republic is religious despotism, not the source of religion [....] The Islamic Republic is neither Islamic nor a Republic [....] Faced with the excesses of the regime, we must not fall into the trap of extremism ourselves [....] The first stage of the Green Movement consists of raising and enforcing the withheld sources of the Constitution [....] Go act on the Third Chapter [....] Whichever [the state form] will be, that is for the people of Iran to decide [....] A referendum will determine it [....] The place for those debates is the second and third phase, not the first."

speech 9 Aban/31 October

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