Friday, 20 November 2009


Heated debate has ensued over Kadivar’s lecture (see previous post), involving defenders and opponents of secularism (or positions associated with it). An article by Esmaᶜil Nuri-ᶜAlaᵓ in particular (“It would be better for Mr Kadivar to remain in his gelim”) has given rise to a range of responses in the 27 Aban/18 November edition of his ‘new secularism’ publication ( The main, critical rejoinder is by ᶜAbbas Musaᵓi (“From absolutist religious thinking to absolutist secularist thinking”), and also appears on the Greens’ Mowj-e Azadi site ( Why, one wonders, does Akbar Ganji not figure more prominently in these and similar exchanges, given the multifaceted and clearly reasoned position he has developed on this matter (qualities one doesn't always encounter in other contributions)? In any case, an unresolved fundamental issue is involved here which will undoubtedly become more pressing to effectively address to the degree that the Green Movement makes further advances.

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